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Barry Bennett

Barry Bennett

Barry has been active in Conservative politics for 30 years.  Barry recently served as Senior Advisor to the Trump Campaign.  Earlier this cycle he managed the campaign of Dr. Ben Carson for President.  During his tenure Dr. Carson raised a GOP record $60 million dollars and built a social media following of Dr. Carson of more than 5 million followers on Facebook alone.

Four years earlier Bennett founded the Super Pac for Governor Rick Perry in 2012.  Barry also was the Executive Producer of “King of Bain” documentary for Speaker Newt Gingrich’s Super Pac.  Film critic Roger Ebert described the film as a “devastating documentary” and Rolling Stone Magazine stated it is “hard to describe how compelling the film is”.

His focus on technology and data, have produced historic results for his clients and causes.  In 2012, he was part of a team to register a record 1.2 Million new Christian voters.  His documentary attained over 3 million viewers.  His clients have set records in public comment generation and expressing their views to both Congress and the White House.

In 2010, Bennett led the coordination of outside group spending in the successful effort to gain GOP control of the United State House of Representatives.  The first coordinated effort of it’s kind among outside groups.  Over $70 million in outside spending was coordinated with shared research data and media buying plans.

Having managed many races at every level, Barry has a great understanding of modern politics.  He is a strong advocate and innovator for highly focused, technology savvy, data driven campaigns. 

Having started and sold multiple companies in the public advocacy advertising space, Barry focuses his full attention to utilizing big data, leveraged by the latest technology to deliver results for his clients.

Barry served President George W. Bush during his Presidency of the G-8 as Communications Director for the group of eight nations.  Barry’s responsibilities included working closely with each nation to manage the global press represented by over 7,000 reporters for the four-day conference.  Barry has served as Chief of Staff to three difference Members of Congress.

Barry put himself through school eventually becoming the Asst. Sargent of Arms of the Ohio State Senate.

Barry regularly appears on CNN, Fox, CNBC, MSNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox Business Channel.  His comments are published regularly in America’s largest newspapers.

Barry, his wife Melissa and their two children live in Alexandria with their Saint Bernard “Brownie”.

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